The “Anti-Sad Sack Club”

I worked as a bartender all through University and again all around the U.K. for many, many years.  In that time I got to know many different types of “bar goers”, but the staple bread and butter were the solo guys who would come and sit quietly at the bar by themselves.

I used to refer to them as the exclusive members of the “Sad Sack Club”.

Where most people go to bars with friends for the purpose of chatting and having fun, these “sad sacks” were a total enigma.  Sometimes they might engage in a little conversation but, usually, they would just sit and stare complacently at the game on the television, or maybe at nothing in general*.

Where I used to feel somewhat sorry for them, now that I have officially entered “Middle Age”, I absolutely get it as I have now become one of them.

What I understand now is that they are not coming in because they are lonely sad sacks hell bent on feeling sorry for themselves and drowning their sorrows in alcohol, they are coming in to escape.  Most probably, they have wives and kids at home and are seeking some temporary reprieve from the on-going drama that is inevitably going on at home.

You see, at the bar there is no arguing or bickering, no stomping and certainly no door slamming.  This is their “Serenity NOW!” moment – time to themselves to decompress – and they are making the most of it.

Can you blame them?

Now, I refer to these types of solo bar patrons as the “Anti-Sad Sack Club”; the few, the proud, and, hopefully, the inebriated.

God help us!

*Lord knows that I have looked at the same display of seven t-shirts at Brimstone Brewing for more hours than I can count.
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  1. Tiffani

     /  January 18, 2018

    Yes, sometimes they need some quiet me time. Or to be around those who are old enough to pay for things with money and not hugs and kisses. But also don’t forget those who are trying to be social but can’t or don’t understand.


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