Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow

I have been getting lots of grief around the house lately from both Kelly and HRH  regarding my hair.  Apparently, my hair is getting too long and, for whatever reason, this is very upsetting to the ladies in my life.  Heavens forbid should I ever make any negative commentary towards their own chosen hair styles, but when it comes to my own it’s no holds barred.  You can read that as I’m harangued about it every 3.2 nanoseconds throughout the day.  I wonder if this is how Samson felt when Delilah kept nagging about his glorious locks.  One has to wonder then who’s providing Kelly her ‘eleven hundred shekels of silver’ (Judges, 16:4)?

The problem is not that I really want  to grow my hair long, it’s more that I’ve just recently lost my regular hair lady, hairdresser, barber, what have you, and I’m a devout creature of habit.

So now I’m lost.

Where do I go now?

Damn me and my profound sense of loyalty.

There are no other local barbers or hair dressers in my area (aside from the one that caters to all the old biddy’s at the Retirement Village down the street and, yeah, NO!) so I’m in a real pickle.

And I can’t just go anywhere  lest I end up looking like this:

Believe me, it’s happened before.

You only need to look at any of my high school yearbook photos to validate that fact and, God knows, the world is a happier place without that particular hairstyle back in it.

What to do…what to do…

Personally, I couldn’t give two shits.  Hair is simply the yard work of the human body so the girls might just have to get over and embrace this new developing ‘mountain man’ look.

God help me.

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