What do you think?

“What do you think?”

Never have four words that when strung together will strike fear into the hearts of most men.

Usually, they are sprung on you with the same sense of total ambush that, say, a ninja might suddenly appear out of nowhere to Shang-hi you with a pair of nunchucks.  One minute you’re making a sandwich in the kitchen and the next thing you know, your wife is standing in front of you, hand on hip, and asking “what do you think?”

Then there’s that immediate sense of panic.


Even though you have absolutely no idea what she’s talking about.

Maybe she’s asking you to weigh in on the current socio-political climate, the rise of Isis in the Middle East, the demise of Cecil the Lion, or maybe she’s just asking how you feel about the sandwich you’re currently consumed with.  Or, maybe (just maybe), you should have noticed something about her that you failed to comment on and now she’s testing you to see if you noticed at all.  Who knows?

But be cool.

Show no fear.

First step: drop everything you’re doing. Sandwich included. This question, albeit innocently phrased, is something that demands your full attention because either you’ve fucked up and are about to be raked over the coals for not noticing something that men might find dismissible like a slight change in her hair color or style, or she’s particularly concerned about something and, therefore, so should you.

Being too aloof at this point is only going to set the ninja off and you’re likely to end up with a nunchuck to the temple Bruce Lee-style.

Second step: respond with a casual “think about what?”, assuming you genuinely don’t know what she’s on about.  This is a perfectly acceptable response providing you are genuinely engaged with her via eye contact, etc. If you ask dismissively while still catering to your sandwich, then WHAM!, straight to the temple.  If you’re honest and sincere in your response you’re likely to get filled in with the missing detail so that you can offer your two cents appropriately. If not, well…

God help you.

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  1. Hahaha! So true


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