Catching Up and First Concerts

It has been exactly 24 weeks since I’ve posted to this blog; that’s 168 days.

Did you miss me?

Believe me, it’s not because life hasn’t been eventful over the past few months or anything; quite the opposite in fact.  We’ve been insanely busy since, well, May.

How busy?  Well, I’ve gotten married, spent 5 weeks traveling for work, 8 weekends dedicated as a volunteer for the SunRype Tri-Kids group, a recent family vacation to the Finger Lakes, my half iron triathlon this past weekend (click HERE) and, well, the summer’s not even over yet is it?  Plus I’ve trying to keep up with a full training schedule.  It’s been ridiculous.

The real challenge has been finding the time to sit down long enough to write but I felt the need to kick start this blog up again.

I could talk about HRH‘s recent addiction to YouTube videos (seriously, it’s like crack), her interest in baking weird foods (okay, I guess I kinda did write about this, click HERE), what it’s like to be a married man (it’s no different) or what it’s like to spend 6 days in a trailer with two 10-year-old girls.  Shit, I could talk about any number of things but they’d all be in hindsight.

Most recently, we took HRH  to see The Flaming Lips in Toronto, Ontario as part of the Pan American Games celebrations in Nathan Philips Square (click HERE).  Most people my age would probably claim Glass Tiger, Luba, Sass Jordan or some other schlocky flash-in-the-pan 80’s band as their first concert experience (me, personally, I saw Robert Plant but I’m cooler than most) but HRH  can now say that she saw the Flaming Lips.

Did I just earn myself some primo “Cool Dad” points there or what?

If you’ve never seen The Flaming Lips perform live before, it’s a complete trip.  From beginning to end it’s lights, confetti, balloons, and blow up dancing creatures of all sorts.  It’s total Disney on acid; perfect for keeping the full attention of a classic ADS 10-year-old girl.  She managed to make it three quarters of the way through the performance (and she even recognized a few songs along the way) before her little internal clock began to wind down at 10:30pm or so.  One late night street meat purchase and one smashed out rear passenger window later (it’s a long, stupid story) and she was crashed out and snoring in the backseat like a narcoleptic sea lion on the car ride home.

As far as concerts go it was – okay.  As far as experiences go, I think she really enjoyed it.  It might not have been Steve Miller kind of cool but, hey, it was still pretty awesome and I look forward to doing more of these kinds of cultural things in the future.  And while I know there is inevitably a One Direction, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, or god knows what other FM pop pablum band concert in my not-so-distance future, at least I can reflect back on this experience and, hopefully, carry a little more weight with our next concert experience into more mutually familiar musical turf.

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