Midnight Soul

From time to time, HRH  gets stuck in these, well, let’s call them ‘trends’, where she will gravitate to something specific as a means of amusing herself. There have been endless pictures of me as a princess (well, this it seems is an ongoing fascination), then it was elastic bracelets, that stupid Fox song (and before that, Baby Shark) and, lately, it’s been Shark Week. But, now, there’s also something even more interesting and confusing:

Midnight Soul.

No, this is not some 70’s style funk band, nor is it the name of a fancy late night restaurant somewhere and I sure as shit hope it has nothing to do with this:

…because that would be just downright weird!

But, no, apparently it’s just two random words that keep appearing over and over again in our house in little girl handwriting. It’s written in big, bold yellow chalk letters on our driveway; it’s scribbled on little notes she leaves at my desk; and it’s scrawled across her blackboard downstairs. Beats me what it means, it’s just there.

So I inquired with her yesterday as to where these words, term, phrase (or whatever it is) might have originated, fully expecting it to be in some way related to Katie Perry, or something equally stupid and kid-centric. But I was wrong on both accounts.  In fact, she told me she didn’t “get it from anywhere”, but rather she simply thought it while looking at the clouds in the sky.

It just came to me”, she said.

Clearly she’s back on the ‘No More Tears’, right? 

I decided to press a little further.  “But what’s it mean?”, I asked.

“I dunno. It just sounds cool”, she answered.

Okay then.  Fair enough. 

Midnight Soul‘ it is. 

I think it’s high time I get this a child a journal of her own; Lord knows what other completely random and odd thoughts are firing through that brain pan of hers.

God help me.

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