Online Homework Hoopla

Today I experienced one – of what will be many I’m sure – awkward parenting moments when HRH came home and brazenly announced that her homework had “to be completed online”.  Say what?  Now, dear reader, I have so few bastions of personal freedom left in my world, so I genuinely consider my personal computer as the last ‘Final Frontier’ of my lost bachelorhood; where I can do stuff like blog and look at boobs.  You know, important man stuff.

So anyway, now we have to ‘log on’ so she can complete her homework.  Seriously, doesn’t anyone use textbooks, or paper handouts anymore?  I can see the whole environmental ‘Green’ argument for avoiding unnecessary handouts but, seriously, can’t they print the homework out on recycled toilet paper, or dried leaves or something?

My whole problem lies in the case that in my current role at work I deal with adults who, having had this technology their entire lives, now can’t communicate themselves to another person effectively unless it’s through a keypad.  That’s a big problem as I see it.  The inability to relate to someone else, express empathy, or genuinely attempt to connect to another human being is a real problem, particularly not one I care to experience with her either.  I mean, when was the last time a cashier or waitress REALLY  impressed you with their communication skills?  Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not knocking on cashiers or waitresses but, lets say that a displayed indifference is much more prevalent these days (in my opinion anyway).  Does this mean I’m anti-technology?  Certainly not.  I love me my online boobs, but there’s a time and a place for it.  Does this mean that doing homework the old fashioned way is going to fix the communication problem, that’s probably a big negatory as well.  But it does get her unglued from her iPad, Wii, and God knows what else she’s plugged into and me back to what’s really important – boobs.

At the very least, hopefully, she’ll be doing something that encourages actual communication between individuals, or developing those skills anyway even if it is just negotiating yet another snack with her mom, at least she won’t be staring mindlessly into the soft luminescent glow of a computer screen.

Of course – and here’s the awkward part – simply logging into the homework site wasn’t as easy as the instructions the school sent home suggested (sure, those  they can print out, geez.).  It seemed easy enough:  click here, log into that, click this, search that, and BLAMMO!  A dead link.  So much for ‘technology’, eh?

So now I have to spend an hour trying to figure out how to access her freakin’ five minutes worth of homework online while she watches reruns of ‘Jesse’.   Isn’t online homework awesome?

God help me.

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