The Donut Poll

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Here’s the scenario:

You have a perfectly good day old honey cruller that’s been sitting in the kitchen all afternoon, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be consumed.  It’s literally beckoning you by name.   However – unbeknownst to you – the cat has gotten up on the kitchen counter and decided to help itself and in the process, knocked it over on the floor where it was later salvaged mid-consumption.  Question is, is said donut still worth consuming?


Personally, I say ‘yes’.  I don’t get the chance to eat many donuts (especially with HRH around), so a half-eaten floor donut is as good as any and I’m not ashamed to admit it. 

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  1. oh terry, floor is ok, but cat is not, you aint no where that tongue been up in


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