Adventures in Auto Repair

So today marked a new first in my new ever-expanding life as a grown-up.  For today, you see, I managed to complete my first ever home auto repair.

Yes, that’s right…me…auto repair.  Now, anyone who knows me also knows that I don’t know my a monkey wrench from my butt hole so I’m playing this up as a total victory.  Furthermore, it was a total success.  So there!

It all transpired when I noticed that there was a curious ‘click’ emanating from under the vehicle when I cranked the wheel all the way around to make a sharp turn.  Sure, the new Nissan has passed its safety inspection and all that but, really, how often does one crank the wheel around all the way during a test drive?  So I guess something like that could be overlooked.  But, having said that, it makes no difference anyway because I FIXED IT!  Remember?

I’ve already admitted that what I know about auto mechanics wouldn’t fill the back of a postage stamp, so I had to hunt out possible explanations and possible easy-to-do remedies.  Of course, there’s always Google, so after a quick ‘2000 Nissan X-Terra makes a clicking noise when I turn the wheel’ – I know, pretty clever right? – I found what I was looking for.  It turns out that it was more than likely that the steering stops just needing a bit of a greasing.  Hehehe…’greasing’.

So, anyway, I learned then that are 4 stops located on the front and back of each front wheel and all that was likely required was my just putting a little grease (which we just happened to have laying around the garage) on the lower control arm where the steering stop hits when turned at full lock.  Okay, that sounds pretty simple.  Here is what it looks like:

Seriously!  It was all me!  Here’s the proof:


That’s totally me under the car with grease, stained shorts and ripped armpit hole and everything!  It doesn’t get much more mechanic than that, does it?  Heck, with this newfound auto prowess and knowledge, I might even be inspired to lube up the door hinges, vacuum the back seat, pump up the tires, or even check the oil, or something equally dangerous like that.

Lookout Henry Ford!

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  1. hahha the only thing you are missing is butt crack. every good mechanic has some.


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