Jerry’s Peachbud 1k (2013)

All year we’ve been doing our Fartleks on the indoor track at the YMCA.  Why?  Because we’ve been planning our big return to the Jerry’s Peachbud 1k (click HERE for last years race video) in order to defend our titles; that’s why.  Except this year, I also had the 5k  race to contend with afterwards as well as Kelly withdrew last minute with a bum knee.  So, yeah, first I tackle the kid’s ‘Fun Run’ then I would proceed to kick ass in the Women’s 40-45 age group.  That’s right – ‘women’.  Am I a total hero or what?

But first things first, here is how the kid’s race panned out:


All in all, we improved our time by nearly 10 whole seconds (chip time) with a time of 8:57.4  while also moving up in the overall rankings to finish 55th out of 81.  Shazam!  We rock.  And as per usual, we looked awesome doing it too.

My 5k race, which I just used a tempo workout opportunity, went well enough as well with me placing 6th out of 40 other ‘women’ runners in a time of 24:38.2.  Oh yeah.  Take that, bitches!

God help me.

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