New Wheels

When I heard the gasps from the other breakfast patron in the restaurant and then saw the mass rush to the window, I immediately knew what was up.  My car had been crushed under a tree.  Yup, after nearly fifteen months of faithful servitude my first vehicle, Katie Mae, the product of Phase One in my original ‘Sekrit Plan’ back in February last year, met her ultimate demise at the hands of top heavy deciduous overgrowth; specifically, that of a rotted willow tree.

Apparently, I just don’t have luck with cars.

Poor Katie Mae

Poor Katie Mae


The carnage

The carnage

Even though it was only the hood and side panels that seemed to absorb the brunt of the damage, the insurance company decided that it was still a complete write-off.  Cheap bastards.  Oh well, time for a new means of transportation I guess.  Something functional; something handy; something, well, cheap and used.

So after a few days of searching I invested in a 2000 Nissan X-Terra; my second automobile.   I give you Katie Mae II.

The new wheels

The new wheels

Now, it may not have a spoiler (although the running boards are pretty bad ass), nor will I be able to listen to all my cassette tapes, but the X-Terra is definitely a step up from the old Neon.  It has more than enough room to house all my triathlon shit, while still being able to easily slip my bike in the back – or anything else we may need to move as a family in the future – but it also has a roof rack and all the usual accoutrements that go along with a larger automobile.  And, hey, little HRH  seems to enjoy riding up a little higher up so that’s an additional bonus.  The bottom line is: its way cooler. 

Room to spare

Room to spare

Oh, how I’ve gone and growed all up.

God help me.

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