He Said She Said (Part 1)

Whenever we go anywhere as a family in the car, about 30 seconds into the trip, there will inevitably come the usual request from the back seat:  ‘Can we listen to mommy’s channel?’   Yes, it’s true, Kelly and HRH both love them some trendy pop shit on the radio.  Me?  I like music – real music.  Not this drivel they shovel out over the air waves nowadays.  The thing is where I can forgive HRH’s taste in music as, well, she’s only eight-years-old and not really able to completely determine her likes and dislikes and if one of her popular school chums should decide that a donkey farting through a voice modulator and set to a driving techno beat was classifiable as cool ‘music’ then she’d inevitably be all over it.  Kelly has no excuse; she just enjoys her crap radio.  There I said it.

So with all that in mind, I’ve now taken it upon myself to educate her (them) with classic albums from my past; true examples of musical genius.  Maybe it serves as a recognizable time capsule of historical significance, or maybe it just brings back some fond memories of my youth but, either way, they’re definitely worth the listen in my opinion.  But, as I’ve come to learn, when it comes to music appreciation, I may be from Mars but god knows what planet Kelly is coming from.

So the adventure begins.  The first album to make the ‘tale of the tape’, so to speak, brings back some great memories of, well, great memories.  Most of them are pretty fuzzy – considering – but ‘Slip, Stitch and Pass’ by Phish was literally a staple on my CD player in the late 90’s.  In fact, it may never have actually left the CD tray through the entire summer of 1998.

He said“Known for being one of the best touring bands, like, EVER, this album was originally recorded live in front of a small audience in Hamburg, Germany and serves as a prime example of their wide breadth as a performing band.”

She said“Given all the hype I’ve heard from Terry over the last year and a half about how ‘Phish concerts, are like, the greatest ‘,  I’ll admit that I had high (no pun intended) hopes that the inaugural offering to my musical education might prove to ‘wow’ me.   Such was not the case.    My first foray into Phish came at 6:15am during the 40 minute commute to work.   Maybe it was because I was still half asleep, maybe it was because I hadn’t had my Tim Horton’s coffee yet,  but I made it exactly half way through the first song “Cities”  (“song” being a  term I am using loosely,  as there was no actual SINGING)  before giving up and returning to the morning show on Z101.”

He said:  “It has less noodley wank that you might expect from Phish and more groove, with a chunky cover of Talking Heads ‘Cities’, a bluesy riff version of ZZ Top’s ‘Jesus Just Left Chicago’ and a hugely wild ride through their own ‘Weekapaug Groove’ and ‘Mike’s Song’.  At one point during the latter, the group goofs on pretentious psychedelia with quotes from the Doors (“The End”) and early Pink Floyd. How awesome is that?”

She said:   “My second attempt at listening to the album was with Terry and HRH in the car and was promptly greeted by Terry’s smart-ass comment along the lines of ‘here’s something I never would have pictured in a gazillion years; me listening to a Phish CD with YOU’.   In all honesty I don’t get any of the aforementioned references he makes to those songs, although I do know who all the bands are.  Yay me!  And since compromise is just one key element to a long and happy life together I’m happy to attempt a second listening.  Even if all the songs do go on and on and on and on and on for what seems, like, forever.”

He said“This brings back fun times with phishheads, custies, heady nugs, glass, goo balls, boomers, zoomers, wookies, ok kee pa, glow sticks and grilled cheese.  What can I say?”

She said:  “Say what???   Stop speaking Martian you hippie and start speaking something that the normal everyday person like me can understand.   In the end I’m sort of surprised to say that while I didn’t initially LOVE LOVE LOVE the music it did somewhat grow on me in a funky-catchy kinda way.    Not that I foresee myself ever thinking ‘huh, I think I feel like listening to some Phish’, but at least in this instance we could maybe find a little middle ground.”   

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