The Princess Puzzle

I received another picture the other day from HRH:


Okay, what is this kid trying to say to me?  Am I not presenting myself as being “manly” enough?  Okay, we have some tender cuddling moments on the couch before bedtime but, still, does that automatically make me some kind of princess?

Let’s get one thing straight, I swim, cycle and run regularly, not play tiddlywinks or, hell, figure skate pirouettes at the local arena in the winter…Heavens forbid.  Sure there was the one rhythmic gymnastics routine out on the front lawn but, that happened only ONCE and I only demonstrating what she could be working on for improvement.  I hardly think this instantly qualifies me as a girly-man.

Don’t hate on me for being good with a ribbon!

This lead me to research a little deeper into how other daughters might view their (step)dads.  The findings were not promising.

A new survey of teenagers found that 60 percent are embarrassed by their fathers’ fashion choices, such as pathetic hairdos, high waistbands and (horror of horrors) socks WITH sandals.  Specsavers, the biggest optical group in the UK, commissioned the survey as part of its “Dob in your Dad” campaign, which aims to locate Britain’s worst-dressed dad. The study of 2,000 13- to 21-year-olds revealed that three-quarters of teenagers are ashamed of what dad says in public, while one-third admit to having dad drop them off around the corner rather than converse with their friends. Three in 10 acknowledge that they would pretend to ignore dad if they stumbled upon him on the street. And, of course, one in 20 bemoan dad’s outdated specs.

Really?  Is this picture just a little prelude to what’s still to come in the not-so-distant future?  While I haven’t gone down the socks with sandals route yet (never say never), am I really that embarrassing?  Okay, I’m no David Beckham I’ll admit, sure, but she still unashamedly wears her pajamas in public.  At least I don’t dress like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air like some other fathers I’ve seen around nowadays; I have a little more fashion sense (stress on ‘little’).  Doesn’t that count for anything?

Personally, I think I’m doing pretty well.  I take her places and offer her opportunities to experience things she hasn’t experienced before, I make creative dinners for her which cleverly contain vegetables to promote her good health, I taxi her to and from all her childhood activities and hobbies, I cater to all her boo-boo’s and ouchies, successfully complete the bedtime ritual while tucking her in at night, as well as performing whatever heavy lifting that might be required around the household, and genuinely try to lead and promote an active and healthy lifestyle.  So where did this Princess image come from all of a sudden?  The fuck?

Maybe I should just cave now and beat the rush to ruin her teenage years by picking her up from school in my boxers, or sing at the top of my lungs to Katie Perry songs while I cut the grass in short-shorts.  If she’s embarrassed now, let’s see how far I can really push the envelope shall we?  Vengeance will be mine!

God help me.

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  1. Mom

     /  July 30, 2012

    You are doing amazing ,boy!

  2. Jan

     /  August 4, 2012

    I know you well enough Terry to know that you are giving your ALL to your new family. But…that gymnatics pic….awesome that you did that to help her but that did it for ME!


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