Police Dog on Board

While out driving the other day, we pulled up alongside a Police cruiser at a stop sign.  Written along the side of the cruiser was: ‘Police Dog on Board’.  This sparked an immediate interest out of HRH  in the back seat as very little ever escapes her attention, particularly when animals are involved.

“What’s a police dog?”  she asked from the back seat in quizzically.

Not wanting to immediately give in to her query with an answer, I prompted her first to think about it.  “What do you think a Police dog is?”  I asked.

“A police officer that catches dogs?”, she offered.

“No.  That would be a dog catcher”, I answered.

She thought about it for a moment longer and then replied again: “a dog that works as a police officer?”

“That’s right!”, I answered affirmatively.  “Good girl.  See?  I knew you could figure it out.”

However, after a moment of silence, she volunteered this next follow up inquiry:  “How does that work exactly?  Dogs don’t drive.”

God help me.

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