The “8 Week Challenge”

Recently, my baby has started a drastic healthy lifestyle change known as the ‘8 Week Challenge so, of course, that means I am also doing the ‘8 Week Challenge’ by proxy.  Personally, I think she looks awesome the way she is, but if she wants to lose a little extra weight and get even more sexied up, then who am I to argue?

So long, Cheesecake Factory!

The ‘8 Week Challenge’  is not a diet so much as it a complete and utter tear down of your daily nutritional intake, focusing on the nearly complete elimination of processed food from your diet.  My initial thoughts:  “Oh shit.”   But despite the fact that this means I will have to cut back on my peanut butter intake, I am determined to at least make a positive go of it, even if just to support my sweetheart.  Of course, Lord knows I could stand to lose a few extra pounds as well leading into my Ironman Wales even this coming September but, really, no peanut butter?  Never were scarier words ever spoken.

However, I’m entering into this contract with three conditions:

  1. I need my morning coffee.
  2. If my daily workouts begin to suffer, my hungry ass is eating food…real food.
  3. If you make it, I will eat it.  No complaints.   But if it totally sucks…I’m going for a cheeseburger later.

What this really means for me is my having to adapt to cooking and preparing a whole new variety of healthy, nourishing and, hopefully, tasty meals.  And God knows HRH  isn’t likely to sit down to enjoy an asparagus and spelt pasta stir-fry, so I’m still going to have to contend with making her regular dinners of which I would typically snack at with her.  Hey, I figured if I swim/run/bike hundreds of kilometers a week then I’m entitled to a little pre-mealtime snacking.  After all, I’m in this whole triathlon thing for the guilt free ice cream (not to mention bacon, pizza, chicken wings, garlic bread, pie, cookies, beer, etc.) as much as I am for anything else.  You can’t run 25 kilometers on broccoli alone, so calories are my friend in this regard.

But no more, I’m going to make the effort come hell or high water.  I may have to deal with some cranky evenings without my pre-bedtime peanut butter and crackers, and I may not be seeing the inside of Cheesecake Factory any time soon, but I’m hoping it’ll all work itself out for the better for us.  Maybe I’ll actually lose some weight and see a significant decrease in my current half marathon times, or maybe I’ll go completely ape shit with hunger and end up chasing squirrels around the yard…who knows.  All I know is that love makes you doing crazy things sometimes.

God help me.

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  1. does homemade peanut butter qualify as sufficiently unprocessed? good luck, terry!


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