Fixing a Hole

You might remember a little while ago that I had a slight, shall we say, oopsie with my girlfriends new car.  Maybe it was karma stepping in to deliver me a swift kick in the ass for eating cookies in her car, whatever, it sucked.  What is a poor dipshit boyfriend to do?

It’s true that sometimes a knight in shining armor turns out to just be another retard in tin foil, but not this guy.  This dipshit boyfriend decided to do the right thing and get the friggin’ hole fixed.  Damn straight!  Each time I looked at that tear in the bumper it was an instant reminder of that morning rushing out to get the kid to her day camp, and then the guilt bubbles up into my cheeks and I develop more facial ticks that a Lyme Disease research facility.  Can’t do it…

Happy once again...

So, I took total ownership for my idiotness and paid for the damage to be 100%  completely fixed.  Sure, this might mean that I might have to skip a few yoga classes, maybe a bike maintenance tune-up or two, not to mention a whole lot less meatball subs on my lunch hour, but if it makes my baby happy and gets her off my stupid, driving-impaired ass, then so be it!  I still expect to be the source of endless ‘backing up’  jokes in the future, but at least I don’t have to see her stare disappointingly into the gaping hole in her brand new car and sigh longingly.  Nope, not anymore!

Facing the cruel reality...

Of course, I still have something to sigh over…the bill.  But an idiot’s gotta do what an idiot’s gotta do.  So I propose a new poll:

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  1. I have nothing smart ass to say here, so I’m going to just say Thank-You for making my car pretty, shiny, perfect again !

    You rock my world, sweetie ❤ Mwah !


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