Yup, I’m an idiot

Okay, first off…accidents happen. The kid was bitching about her DS, I couldn’t figure out how to close the the garage door with the gadget thingee, I was grooving to Steppenwolf, I thought I had more room from the truck behind me, what have you, I’m still a complete moron.  Not a good start to the day.

The evidence of my idiotness

And for this, let me first say that I feel like a total horse’s ass and I promise to own up and make good on my little whoopsie by getting it fixed pronto.  Of course, I’m sure this isn’t going to completely spare me a shit-load of grief, guilt and malicious teasing in the future, not to mention it’ll be a while before I’m deemed as ‘snuggle-worthy’ once again; and who would blame her?  So with this all in mind, I invite you to weight in your two cents on:

Let me summarize by saying how incredibly wonderful, understanding, patient and beautiful my girlfriend is.  No shit!  You’re the bestest, dear!  And, yes, I’ll be more careful when I get behind the wheel of your car in, like, another 20 years or so when you let me.

God help me.

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  1. Oh my gosh… Karma is a bitch Terry. Is this what you get for that little video you made?

  2. Yes, I believe it may.


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