How to Babysit Whilst Cycle Training

One of the biggest challenges I’m currently experiencing, is attempting to accomplish my own endurance cycle training while also being responsible for looking after HRH part-time.  Yeah, training for an Ironman competition and babysitting go together like oil and water.   Who knew?

Remember, she has the dedicated attention span of a goldfish on crack and needs to be the center of attention, like, always, so that doesn’t leave much time to crawl into the hurt locker and get cozy for any significant length of time.  Likewise, there is no awkward silence…ever.  Serious.  HRH  has the ability to pepper you with questions at the same incredible rate that a Tommy Gun pumps out bullets; 10 minutes alone with her can make you feel like you’re on the receiving end of the St. Valentines Day massacre.

Truth be told, this can be all very disconcerting when you’re trying to get “in the zone”  and spike your heart rate like your per-arranged training schedule requires; Lord knows, she ain’t on no such schedule.  I bet Dave Scott didn’t have an inquisitive seven-year-old staring him down across the aero bars of his time-trial bike.  Lucky me, I guess.

But, sometimes, you just have to suck it up and be the good sport.  It may be unorthodox, but it still allows me to entertain her while getting my shit done even if I don’t look like the next Thor Hushovd.


God help me.

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  1. the first thing to learn about parenting………
    it is not babysitting when it’s your own kid.



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