Valentines Day Lament

Yeah, she rocks alright.

February 14th has come and gone again and where for most people, that date is more symbolic as being the granddaddy of all corporate sponsored Hallmark holidays, created solely in order to capitalize on mass consumerism with specifically designed marketing strategies to further line the pockets of the Company Chairmen with the hard-earned dollars of the common disheveled wage donkeys like myself, for me, this day marked exactly two weeks until D-Day, or more specifically: Moving Day.  Of course, I mean that with only the sincerest of affection.

Usually, February 14th just means that I get the Supermarket practically to myself since everybody else on the planet is at home exchanging boxed chocolates by the pound, extortionately expensive bouquets of flowers, decorative cards, and ridiculously useless stuffed bears that say “I Wuv You”.  Last year, I specifically remember listening to the muzac version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Another Brick in the Wall’ while choosing between brands of gluten free bread and contemplating ending it all right then and there, but not this year!  No, sir!  This year, after nearly a decade of blissful Bachelorhood, I actually have someone special now to share it with.  How lucky am I?

Yup, this year I got totally spoiled; more than I deserved actually.  I was treated to a nice, homemade dinner of Caesar salad, a delicious Crab Alfredo and an amazing garlic bread and cheese.  Oh, and let’s not forget the kick-ass heart-shaped fudge caramel brownie and chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert. There was also some chocolates and a card and even a really cool ‘War of 1812’ calendar as well, but let’s skip to what’s really important here, namely, that my sweetie rocks.  And even the stars would seem to agree:

See? Pretty sweet, right?

And here’s the best part:  all I had to do was be me!  Who knew?  Back in the day, you risked being beaten to death with clubs and having your head cut off, as was the case with the priest Valentinus for illegally marrying Roman couples in love, which, it must be said, would be infinitely better than suffering through another viewing of ‘When Harry Met Sally’, but I digress.

"A stupid mans gotta do what a stupid mans gotta do..."

What did I do?  Well, like a total schmuck I did nothing.  I know, I know, I’m a total tool.  I thought that when we had predetermined that we were going to do ‘nothing’, we really meant nothing so I was expecting just that…nothing.  Hey, I’m new to this Valentine’s stuff.  I’m a Valentine’s rookie so to speak.  I knew I might be in trouble when I was listening to radio DJ’s on the drive over discussing that when women say ‘nothing’, they really mean ‘you had better come up with something, jackass’.  Man, this whole Valentine’s thing is only slightly less confusing than figuring out the formula for cold water fusion, but live and learn I guess.  I realize she wasn’t seriously expecting anything, nor did she make me feel guilty at all but I still feel badly for not giving it the proper attention that she deserves.  It’s too easy to say I have been distracted lately, and somehow two cats and an entire apartment worth of crap is little compensation for what she offers me in return.  So I did the only noble thing I could think of and did the dishes afterwards; that counts for something, right?

So with only two weeks to go, I am realizing just how lucky I really am to be part of this incredible relationship with an incredible girl.  And although it’s not going to be without a little stress between now and then, it’s clear now how worth it it’s going to be in the end.  I mean she didn’t kick me out on my ass or anything for showing up empty-handed, so it must be love!

God help me.

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  1. Kelly

     /  February 17, 2012

    Awww …. sweetie, you give me too much credit.

    It’s easy to spoil you for being you, and well, I have never been happier, which is reason enough for me to go out of my way and make you feel special ❤

    And you know, since you're feeling guilty and all, I will be looking forward to 'Secret Appreciation Day' !!!

    Mwah xoxox


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