So far, the week here in ‘Bachelorland’ has been very stressful as, new car and grumpy spirit of the old man that now haunts my downstairs notwithstanding, the on-going arrangements to move out have commenced in earnest.  And you know what that means: cleaning, sorting, more cleaning, and getting rid of shit.  And not just any ‘ol shit here, but all that precious – albeit useless – manly shit I have amassed over the past 12 years of happy solitary confinement here in my Bachelor’s haven.  Yeah, suddenly, it has dawned on me, or rather, been dropped on me like a two tonne anvil a la Wil E. Coyote that most of this stuff can’t go with me.

Fortunately, sometimes fate smiles upon you and today I received some divine inspiration sent to me via the Squeeze in the way of my daily horoscope.  Today the gods are smiling.

Now, I will admit that I’ve never been one to put too much stock into all this astrology nonsense as it all seems pretty ‘out there’ to me, as it does most ‘Manly Men’ I suspect.  It’s more something we’d expect to hear from a patchouli-scented hippie-type sitting outside their VW bus in a parking lot somewhere grilling tofu dogs.  But, you know, you can also never be too careful and every little sign that says, “Hey numbskull, you’re doing the right thing!”  is definitely appreciated and sought out.


Plus, the fact that this came to me from my sweetie further cements in my mind now that I am heading down the right path.  You don’t have to have an imagination that requires the same degree of creativity it takes to, say, see Jesus in a slice of toast in order to understand the underlying message.  I’m no Steven Hawking here, but I can put 2 + 2 together.

I realize that I’ve never been the greatest ‘Ambassador of Change’, but it’s inevitable now; change is a-coming with all the momentum of a runaway freight train.  So let’s look at this realistically:  ‘Change’ is the universal constant and is best dealt with, little by little with the support of someone stable (just like the horoscope indicates).  It can also be said that ‘Change’ is a planned process involving the necessary actions and processes that must occur in order to transition from the present condition to the desired or new condition, namely, my happy, peaceful, stress-free life of co-habitation.  So without ‘change’, there can never be any real improvement.  Huh.

So maybe what I ought to do is just relax, take some long dragged out yoga breaths and simply use this time for quiet reflection instead, rather than worry about all the little insignificant things like, “What am I going to do with all my books?”, and “Holy shit, do I ever have a lot of crap!”  This should be a time of reliving happy memories and a joyful looking forward to the future, not some ultimate Stressfest that’s going to leave me with a rapid heart rate, digestive issues and a bleeding ulcer…cuz that’s sexy.

Simply let peace be the journey.  God help me.

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