How to Milk Cows

How does one pass the time with a seven-year-old?  Why film their puppet show of course.

I’m totally predicting that this will be the dark horse contender at this years 2012 Academy Awards.  Sure, it’s no ‘War Horse’, or has the epic cultural impact of ‘The Help’ and Lord knows that Tom Hanks doesn’t star in it.  What it does have is a duck, and Heaven only knows what that ‘Buzz’ the bee and ‘Moo’ the cow are doing to one another mid-film; it’s a total ‘Babe’ meets ‘Last Tango in Paris’ moment to be sure.

I think the real pivotal scene in the film comes from the actual steps on milking cows:  “First, what you do is get a cow.  Then you put a bucket under the cow and milk it.”

Riveting.  Really stops and make you think, doesn’t it…





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